Pap Finn Argumentative Essay

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One day Huck discovers that his father, Pap Finn, has returned to town. Because Pap has a history of violence and drunkenness, Huck is worried about Pap 's intentions, especially toward his invested money. When his dad confronted him, he told him to quiet school and stop trying to make himself something that he is not. Even though Pap Finn told Huck to quiet he still went to make his dad mad. Pap Finn kidnaps Huck and takes him across Mississippi river to a small cabin. Huck did not mind missing school and being away, he just hated it because Pap Finn kept beating on him. It hurt him badly when his dad just kept hitting him. Huck acted like he was died and when Pap Finn left Huck disappear to farther side in Mississippi. Huck lands a few miles
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