Papa And Max Used In Mein Kampf's The Book Thief

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During "The Book Thief," Papa and Max used "Mein Kampf" in several different ways. While Max was hiding with Mama and Papa, he was living in the basement to avoid being seen by the outside world. Max couldn 't trust the world outside because most of the people supported hurting and killing Jewish citizens. Max painted over the pictures of "Mein Kampf" with white paint, and drew on the pages to make his own book. The book was drawings that summed up his past life for the one he lived in now. The importance of drawing on the pages of "Mein Kampf" showed that Max had no respect for Hitler, as Hitler had no respect for Max. While Max read the book, he saw the hate that the Nazi 's had for him, and why he had to remain hidden from Germany. By
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