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Introduction: This case analysis is over Papa John’s International, Inc. I will be providing information about their history, concerns/competition, and conclusion. History: The creator of Papa John’s was John Schnatter. He first became interested in the pizza business when he was in high school working at a pizza and sandwich restaurant. Right when he started his job their he knew he wanted to open his own pizza shop. As he grew up he attended Ball State University and became a delivery boy for a new pizzeria. After he graduated from Ball State University with a bachelor’s in business, he went back home to help with his father company Mick’s Lounge. His father’s business was struggling so John sold his 1972 Camaro Z28. After selling his…show more content…
Papa John’s had been recognized as the highest customer satisfaction pizza chain and often advertised it. As technology grew Papa John’s knew they had to as well, they did so by creating online orders. In 2001 the company offered online ordering all over the nation, and by 2007 they had upgraded even more by creating their texting orders. As the years went by Papa John’s continued to keep up with the latest technology. In 2010 they created an app that you could order food from. More than 50 percent of their order were being made via text, online, or through the…show more content…
Just like all the other pizza businesses. To stand out from the competition Papa Johns needs to work on: • Heathier food menu • Better prices • Better advertising Papa John’s a large amount of opportunities including: • More advertisement on social media • Create new pizzas • Offer deals • Lower prices • Create desserts I have already listed the threats above in concerns and competition. The three main threats Papa Johns is facing is: • Lack of a healthy menu • Safety of delivery drivers • Competition Conclusion: Papa John’s comes from a long background of hard workers. John Schnatter knew what he wanted to do from the day he started working in a pizza shop. John started Papa John’s from nothing and made it into the third best pizza industry known today. By continuing to listen to what customers want and watching how technology has changed has made them stand out from the competition. Papa John’s may have a few things to work on but knowing how they started I am sure they will continue to

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