Papa Smurf Theory Of Personality

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Papa Smurf is a beloved character from the 1980’s popular cartoon about small blue creatures that live harmoniously while fighting against the evil wizard Gargamel. At a whopping 546 years old, Papa Smurf has the responsibility of caring for the whole Smurf village, and to do this he uses only love and affection to guide his fellow Smurfs and protect them from things such as the evil wizard Gargamel. Papa Smurf is wise in many ways that correlate to Monika Ardelt’s three dimensional theory of wisdom. Papa Smurf can be said to have become wise from his many years of experience. He keeps up on what is happening around the village and when a problem arises he handles it notably by brewing up a magical potion solution, or offering up useful advice. However, it is hard to say if he was born wise, because he was created by the wizard Gargamel. On the other hand, all the smurfs were created having a specific purpose (such as brainy smurf, grouchy smurf, and clumsy smurf), so Papa Smurf being known for being wise, could have been created that way. The first way that Papa Smurf uses Ardelt’s theory of wisdom is with the cognitive dimension. This part of the theory is the ability to make important decisions keeping in mind the positive and negative parts of human nature, and effectively deal with life’s unpredictability. Papa Smurf exhibits this with his leadership skills. He does not rely on scare tactics to rule his smurfs, but instead he relies on love, and this makes him a
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