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Introduction to the Title

How Visual Effects (VFX) plays a vital role in music videos - By means I am going to talk about how Visual Effects has an impact on music videos. By this impact how audience react to the effects done in music videos
Aim – To have a my own opinion about Visual Effects on music videos and to prove visual effects has changed and saved time , money , efficiency , and created tons of people creativity.
• Objective
• As same as aim, objective is what motive we point and shoot question about the topic we have chosen and to find a perfect solution
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It was released as the fifth and final single by Inters cope Records. Gaga wrote and produced the song with Rob Fu sari. The visuals depicts GAGA’S quest for fame , as well as balancing success and love
The Video show’s about GAGA’S struggle to stay away from paparazzi . where she and her boyfriend will be relaxing in a sea side mansion , hidden photographers take pictures of them , when she finds out that her boy friend has set the paparazzi and tries to stop him , nevertheless her attempt to defend are futile and in her final struggle she smashes a bottle in his face , angered her boy friend throws her from the balcony , the photographers click photos of her lying in her own blood with headlines claiming that her career is over . This sets up the premise for the song
KETY PERRY – E.T. song by American singer Katy Perry taken from her third studio album, Teenage Dream (2010).
With singer Kanye
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-The production is accomplished can be an awe of inspiring process itself
-The quality of visual effects engender a film culture based process
-Digital technology allows spectators to enjoy visual fluidity and epic structure of historic events.

Cons of Visual effects
-Visual effects causes film erosion as some argue that it is occurring when movies require the use of stunts to increase the action to higher levels of intensity
-It makes the film maker to be lazy
-In some film, music videos, Visual effects are overused
-Visual effects are mainly focused on audience manipulation
Ethical consideration for topic comes under social ethics because of some music videos containing explicit content. Music video makers are allowed whatever they wanted to convey but at sometimes it gets wrong, explicit and violent music videos are also growing and does not get a censorship. Music videos comes under media ethics definitely, but sometimes ethics also changes, music videos where made for passion and now music videos are made for huge money and award ceremony. Violence with the help of vfx in music videos gives bad impact or long lasting effect of violence and fear . Good impacts are very less in any form of media so bad impacts are more .eye contrast image process eye damage. some music videos are explicit that contain volgar nudity double meaning etc which does not go down with all section of

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