Papa's Influence On Family

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My ambition and drive for success are credited to my family dynamic which is largely influenced by Papa. Papa was born in 1913 to a large Louisiana farming family. He enjoyed learning and expanding his intellect as a child, but he never finished the 8th grade because he had to help support his family. At age 19, Papa had to move to California where he became a cook at a state hospital to owning his own restaurant to owning an insurance company. Although he didn’t finish middle school, Papa put a huge emphasis on education on his children. It paid off. Aunt Von became a doctor and owned a practice while dad became a successful engineer. Papa’s lack of institutional education influenced my parents to make education my sole priority which I soon appreciated their diligence. I’ve been blessed to be able to retain information well except for math. Math was the subject where I had to study more than my other classes and nothing really clicked. In Prosper, 6th grade is the first year a student can take an advance class in English and/or math; I wanted to take both. My mom questioned my decision in taking Pre-AP math since I struggled in the past two years. She didn’t want to discourage me from enjoying and retaining it, but I was adamant about taking the class. There were numerous times throughout the year…show more content…
Similarly, mom and dad raised me in the way my dad was raised. Frankly, it’s hard to explain the impact my family has on future. I don’t think I would be as confident and ambitious as I am today without them. I am forever in debt to them. I know that they are proud of me; they tell me that every day, but I plan to exceed their hopes and dreams for me because Papa taught me that regardless of my environment I am the product of my choices and the pave maker of my
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