Milk Carton Lab Report

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1. Experiment, relationships, & Explanations: 1.1. Phenomenon under study • Newton’s Third Law of Motion • Pressure 1.2. Hypothesis or hypotheses • Allia: My hypothesis is that after I let go of the carton and remove my hand that is covering the bottom holes that one, the water will begin to flow out of the holes. But second, because of the precise and specific placements of the holes, the water coming out of each hole will cause the carton to being spinning in a counter clockwise motion as the water is being released from the holes. • Ruben: The milk carton will basically turn into a homemade sprinkler with water going great lengths in all directions. • Theodore: The milk carton will spin, because of the strategic locations of the holes • Alejandro:…show more content…
½ gallon size milk carton, scissors, string, and water. One of the requirements was that the milk carton had to be empty. Most of us first cleaned out the remnants of milk from the carton by washing it before completing the experiment. Also the instructions specify that the milk carton needs to be a paper milk carton. One of our members substituted the use of scissors to make the necessary holes by instead using a nail. Also another member used a shoelace for their string. Both of these substitutions led them to execute the same procedure in their experiment as the rest of the group…show more content…
But for many of us, the holes made with scissors were not as wide as desired. For most of us, after we completed the experiment a few times until the holes were made wide and even enough to allow water to flow equally out of them 2. Collecting & analyzing experimental data: 2.1. Sources of experimental uncertainty 2.2. Impact of experimental uncertainty on data 2.3. Minimizing experimental uncertainty 2.4. Recoding and representing data 2.5. Data analysis 3. Conclusions: • As Newton’s Third Law states, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite re-action.” This was exactly the case for this experiment. Pressure being the force, over area created downward movement due to gravity and the weight of the water expelled the water out of the holes by propelling them in a clockwise direction due to the placement of the holes in the left corner. If the weight was heavier, the speed of the carton would move much quicker. If the weight was lighter, the carton would move slower. This was all due to the pressure becoming much weaker as it loses

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