Paper Shadows Wayson Choy Analysis

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Wayson choy, a writer, he was born in Vancouver in 1939. He is a Chinese-Canadian, He was known as "most gifted storyteller in Canada". His works were very imaginative and it describes Chinese people who living in Canada. His written books and many prose has been hailed as a milestone in Canada’s literary. In his article, he also reflected the appropriate own life experiences. His works can be divided into three parts in his life: youth, middle age, and knows his real identity.
The first part of the work of his life is when he was youth. In 1939, after he was born, he was adoption by another family. He spent his childhood and youth lived Chinatown in Vancouver. And his childhood living in Vancouver's Chinatown is full of nostalgia and memories.
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When he was 57 years old, he participated in the "Jade Peony" book signing. During this period, he was accidentally born truth, a woman called him, said she has seen his real mother. This makes him mixed feelings. After this incident, he wrote a book: Paper shadow. This book is a memory of his childhood Cui new experiences. In Paper Shadows, his recreation of his earliest memories in Vancouver, after his "arrival" in 1939, as his mother always referred to his birth, is both lyrical and powerful, and the element of mystery enhances his story. Choy says that he wondered how he could possibly think that no more stories waited to be told. But, he "listened for clues and watched for signs. One after another, they came (Audrey). After he finished this book. Wayson Choy completed “All That Matters” .The story of Chen and his son with the gold rush, from China to Vancouver to carry out new life and hope to the dream of clothing Jinrong main line, the time set in 1930 - before the outbreak of war in 1940 the Japanese invasion of China in Vancouver's Chinatown. Through the story of master relationship with his father, grandmother, stepmother and siblings, reflecting how many Chinese families in a strange land struggling to survive, it is necessary to adapt to the new social, cultural, and never forget to save the traditional Chinese millennium. His works of this period is full of memories of
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