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V. Plot • Short summary of the film Paper Towns was adapted from the popular novel of John Green, the story centers on Quentin Jacobsen an eighteen year old boy living in Orlando Florida and his enigmatic neighbor and secret love Margo Roth Spiegelman. As children, the two protagonist discovered a dead body; an incident that binds them in ways that they don’t realize. As they grow up, unfortunately they grow apart. Then one day Margo showed up to his window and seek vengeance to her friends and ex-boyfriend with the help of Quentin. After an all-night adventure of the two protagonist through their hometown, Margo suddenly disappears leaving traces of cryptic clues behind. The search leads Quentin and his friends on an exhilarating adventure.…show more content…
Margo is surprised to see them since the clues she left weren’t intended to find her. After fighting furiously about Margo 's selfishness for leaving, Ben, Radar, and Lacey leave. Quentin and Margo learn that they had idealized one another. However, they realize with remorse that their love was based in lie, in being a "paper boy and paper girl." Margo left the town in order to release everyone from the effects of her false personality. However, Quentin does not give up on Margo and eventually admit their feelings for one another however he realize that their values must inevitably lead them to separate…show more content…
Florida has a huge difference between our culture, thus If the movie was taken shot here in Philippines, they’re a lot of changes to be applied. Like the adventures of Margo and Quentin, wherein they sneak out to her best friend house and take vengeance to his ex-boyfriend. Well, in a normal Filipino culture setting, teenagers in their high school life aren’t that open to sex intimacy and still not capable to bought tons of materials on their own and just waste it , to take revenge. And when Margo turns 18 and run away to their home alone, I don’t think teenagers here in Philippines can survive alone without money, stable job, and their parents. Margo still didn’t finish her High School program and just ran away a few weeks before graduation, 6. Is the story of this film unique to [name the culture of the story shown in the film], or could the story of this film have taken place in another country or setting? The film can be taken up into another scenery but not on a third world country, thus the story only centers on the two protagonist of the story Quentin and Margo and explicit a natural situation of every teenager that deals with identity crisis and finding where they’re truly belong. On other hand, the story also revolves in friendship, supporting one another and it is difficult to shoot if the scenery is from a third world country because the mindset of the story is too vulgar and

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