Paper Towns Movie Vs Book Analysis

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The book Paper Towns by John Green was so much better than the movie in my personal opinion. In the movie Quentin and Margo only did nine things but in the book they did eleven things. The movie was also less descriptive of what happened than the book. The book was just better displayed than the movie. They cut half of the things that happened in the book out of the movie. In the book when they snuck out and were doing the eleven things they said they were going to do she put flowers on her friend’s doorstep because she said she shot the messenger. Figuratively not literally. But in the movie she didn’t do that nor did they break into sea world which was one of my favorite parts in the book. The book was just better put together than the movie.…show more content…
The book I was actually getting frustrated that they were taking so long to find Margo but in the movie it happened in a split second. In the book it seemed he took forever to find the clues to finding where the famous Margo Roth Spiegelman took off to find who she was. In the movie the events were mixed up as well like they missed prom and graduation in the book but they made both of them in the movie. His friends just left him there at that abandoned barn to find Margo. But he never did find her at the barn like they had in the book. Also she never got to talk to Lacy and apologize to her. He found her next to the convenient store. And then when they were done talking he rode a bus back to Orlando, Florida. In the movie when they were driving and almost hit that cow but Ben saved everybody they stopped and slept on the side of the road and Radar and his girl did what they were going to do at prom right there on the side of the road for every car passing by could see them. Also Radars girlfriend didn’t go with them in the book she didn’t even know that radar was going to New York City. In my opinion John green should have made the movie too. The movie was good in some ways like Margo was played by Cara Delevingne. And they did get to go to graduation and Quentin actually did make it to prom. But that’s all I can think that was good about the movie. But overall Quentin Jacobsen and Margo Roth Spiegelman were better defined and better presented in the book than in the
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