Paper Towns Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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What Information is Necessary? Mya Maldini
In the book the Paper Towns by John Green there are many noticeable differences compared to the movie. This includes special characters and locations. As the audience, I believe to create a successful film, that it is important to include as much detail that was in the novel, but in a summarized fashion. John Green did a good job at getting most of the important details into the movie, but as a reader there are a couple parts that may stand out.
The first difference is Walt Whitman. Walt Whitman is an American poet, essayist and author. In Paper Towns, the protagonist Quentin discovers one of Walt's books, Leaves of grass. The main character Margo, who is missing, purposefully left behind this novel. In the
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One of their most intense adventures was their trip to SeaWorld. Margo decided that she wanted to bring Quentin to break into SeaWorld. While on their way, Q immediately decided that he did not want to break in, but they continued to drive and broke in anyways., “As I took those two steps back, Margo took two equally small and quiet steps forward.”(Prologue.14) There was a moat surrounding their entrance and while crossing it Margo had been bit by a snake. Quentin quickly leaped into action sucking the venom out of her ankle. That did not scare them from continuing. Eventually they made their way in, almost as soon as they entered they were caught. Of course Margo is being, the mischievous girl she is, bribed the guard to let them go. In the movie there was no mention of SeaWorld. I feel that it was one of their most daring adventures and should have been included. Although, it has been reported that SeaWorld would not let them film inside after the documentary Blackfish was released. In the end, there are many ways to work around that problem and get one of the most relevant chapters in the
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