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Teeghan Guess Ms. Delong February 7, 2018 Practical Law Cyntoia Brown Cyntoia Brown, a sixteen year old accused of first degree murder has an interesting past, but does that justify her wrongdoing? Cyntoia’s biological mother had Cyntoia at sixteen and was no ready to be a mother. Her mom struggled with alcoholism, drug addiction, and even prostitution. So her mother gave Cyntoia to Ellenette Brown who would be Cyntoia’s adoptive mother. As Cyntoia got older she began to have control issues, became manipulative, and was very possessive of her adoptive mother Ellenette. She worried about her mom leaving or giving her up like her own mother did, she also thought that even good people could be bad if they had the opportunity so she didn’t…show more content…
He bought her food from sonic and they debated on where it would happen, she wanted to go to a hotel but he said there was no one at his house so they went there instead. She was paranoid while there because he told her his accomplishments of being in the army, being a shart shooter, and having guns in his house. After they ate they went into the bedroom where the crime occured. They were in bed and Cyntoia was scared for her life, he grabbed her forcefully between the legs and looked at her “fiercely”, he moved himself and reached beside the bed to get something and Cyntoia panicked, grabbed a gun, and shot him. She panicked after the crime and needed to leave, she stole money and two guns and…show more content…
She was tried as an adult for the crime of first degree murder, her trial lasted five days and they sentenced her to life in prison with eligible parole at age sixty seven. She accepted that she’s in jail and wants to still have a life even though she is behind bars, she graduated from lipscomb university getting her associate’s degree. She wants to make a difference and prevent other girls from making the same mistakes she did. She is trying to get a retrial but isn’t sure if it will happen

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