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The purpose of this report is showing how diversity can help propel the company forward in the future which mean people who are from different background, gender, age and culture can bring positive effects to company future. The company I had choosen which is PappaRich. PappaRich is a Malaysian food restaurant. PappaRich has spread around the world. It is internationally operated, this involved many different culture and background of people. The diversity management of PappaRich may driven about the equal opportunity, problems in terms of races, age, sexual preference and others, which involves the integration of equality approach. Diversity approach will also involved as PappaRich focus on serve high quality of food and provide good services.…show more content…
The international competitors are those fast food restaurants like, Mcdonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway and others. The target market of PappaRich are businessmen, working people, foreigners, parents with children and other professional people. Businessmen and working people are the most of the customers due to the interior design and the environment of PappaRich is comfortable and attracted them. They mainly prefer luxury feeling food service restaurant like PappaRich also food with local malaysian style. PappaRich is a HALAL restaurant, every race is welcomed, even…show more content…
For example, recruit employees with different background who can speak various dialects and languages is easy for them to serve customers. Customers will feel warm and nice when they met the waiter who can spoke same dialect. PappaRich can benefit from the resource acquisition and retention. PappaRich should make the outlets have equal in races and gender of employees. This can be one of the attractions, as some customers will choose to go to the restaurant, which have same race of employee. If PappaRich recruits equal races and gender of employees at outlets, can gain better reputation and public image, as they are showing to public that they are fair and respect to different background of employees. This will raise employees’ satisfaction and make them more likely to contribute for company. Diversity of employees can increase the creativity and innovation in recipes on menu. Due to different background, races and cultures, employees might come out with various opinions in the taste of food. This can improve the quality of food and have new choices to customers. For a restaurant, invent new recipes is something different and is attractive. Some customers can be addicted to unique food taste, so that they will come day after day which is good to attract customers and grow in revenue. This benefit will bring more revenue to all franchisees and affect it’s global

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