Papua New Guinea Essay

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Not only does Papua New Guinea contain the greatest area and mass, but also consists of the greatest population well above all other nations in the Pacific. Extending far throughout the vast ocean, Papua New Guinea belongs to Melanesia, a territory that encompasses various diverse islands. Even though the island nation may seem great in size by itself, it is only the eastern portion of New Guinea, and is also expressly known for tropical climate conditions (Author Page Number). According William Standish and Richard T. Jackson, most of the population contains Melanesians and a small quantity of immigrants, with communities sharing common cultures and identical customs (2). As a way of life, residents of Papua New Guinea manage to maintain a…show more content…
The issue is continuing to increase and grow larger, causing even greater effects on the island, and it rapidly becomes more of an adversity to find a solution to. However, there is a possible neutralizer that could remedy this issue. According to Galing, Papua New Guinea has implemented the National Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WaSH) Policy in January of 2015, and is supposed to last until 2030. This policy was organized by the World Bank, and it sets the framework for the maintenance and rehabilitation of sanitary water (“National Water Sanitation and Hygiene Policy 2015-30.”). The main objective of the WaSH Policy is to reduce the chances of getting a disease caused by unsanitary water, increase economic opportunities and growth through exceptional health, and to boost the services that donate clean water to semi-urban and rural areas. If this policy alleviates and helps to decrease unsanitary water usages, then it could restore development issues within the country and possibly other Pacific islands as well (Galing). As Papua New Guinea is known for struggling with sanitary water, if the WaSH Policy works, then it could have a huge impact on the rest of the Pacific Islands by inspiring them to use similar
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