Para Sa Hopeless Romantic Analysis

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“Kapag hindi pa happy, hindi pa ‘yon yung ending” [If it is not yet happy, it is not yet the ending], is taken from a Filipino comic-novel, Para sa Hopeless Romantic written by Mercelo Santos III. We are hopeless romantics especially when reading novels, we love fairy tales and happy endings. But sometimes we end up getting disappointed for example when we reading a romantic story that is tragic or open-ended. However every novel that we read is written for a purpose and by the following manners we can amp-up our reading game. All we need is our minds and hearts to understand and love the purpose of the novel we are going to read after learning this few ways.

First, we need to know that a novel is composed by the imaginative settings and by fictitious characters that is made up by the author. Because incidentally we forget and we expect something that we can use in reality like in our love lifes but actually we cannot do that. In fact a novel content will never be about the personal experience, the retelling of someone else’s story, the history, or the facts that are based on real life situations or experiences of the author. Instead of reading it with the expectation of having it on your life, why don’t we just read novels for the love of art? The art that is exceptionally written by these remarkable authors. Furthermore we can open our minds to these kind of literary works and reflect upon these not expect. Second, this is where the game start for this is the part

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