Parabens Research Paper

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• How is this chemical used? - In personal care and pharmaceutical products, parabens are the main preservatives used. Parabens in creams and makeup, stop the growth of fungus, bacteria and other microbes, especially in the dark, moist, and warm environment of a washroom. • What are its benefits? -Although there are risks of this chemical, paraben also have benefits. The potency of Parabens as a preservative to stop microorganism growth in several products explains why they are so commonplace. Paraben’s production cost is low and benefits companies because they are easier to create and use in their products. By using paraben’s in products, companies are able to make these products last longer on the shelves of stores; preventing it from getting wasted. As well, parabens are beneficial to humans economically because the products that contain this don’t need…show more content…
- Parabens have been proved to penetrate the skin and can found in blood minutes after applied. Parabens also break down into formaldehyde, which is a substance that causes cancer. It has also been proven that paraben has the ability to act as an estrogen which is plays a role in development of breast cancer. Also, it interferes with the function of the endocrine system. Paraben can increase prevalence of early puberty in girls. All of these disruptors cause reproductive and development disorders. • How can we lessen the impact of this chemical in our lives? Are there any alternatives to this chemical that can be used instead? - Companies should start adding fewer amounts of parabens in products. Customers should start buying paraben free cosmetic brands, for example, Aveda, Korres and Burt’s Bees. - alternative preservative that can be used in skin care and beauty products, especially which is pure and natural, is Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, which is a chemical that is derived from an amino acid called glycine that occurs
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