The Asteroids In The Little Prince

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Although the book The Little Prince has many parable like sections in it I have selected the Little Prince’s journey from his asteroid to Earth to discuss. The Little Prince leaves his asteroid because of a flower he first loved, but it grew to lie and be demanding. During the Little Prince’s journey to Earth he stops at six asteroids. These asteroids are inhabited with six very different people that, very discreetly, teach him many lessons like parables do. Some of the lessons include respect, admiration, greed, and determination. The first asteroid that the little prince travels to is asteroid 325. This asteroid inhabits a king “Wearing purple and ermine, he was sitting on a simple yet majestic throne”. This king demanded that his authority…show more content…
The man had orders that he swore to follow, he must light the lamp at sunset and put it out at sunrise. He used to have time to relax and sleep but now the asteroids days are a minute long and he still carries out his orders bored and sleep deprived. This teaches you the lesson of determination and respect for the orders. “THE SIXTH PLANET was ten times bigger than the last. It was inhabited by an old gentleman who wrote enormous books”. The man was a geographer and he got explorers information of other asteroids and planets. Although he had a fairly big planet he couldn’t tell you a thing about it, “I’m not an explorer. There’s not one explorer on my planet”. This teaches you to step out of your comfort zone and explore a little because you never know what you might find. The Little Prince is a great book that has many riddles and parables that make you think. It also has a great story of a little prince that has an asteroid but leaves it and goes on a journey to earth. This section was selected form the book because it was very interesting to see how each of the men had very different lives there for having different morals. They taught me and the little prince a lot of great
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