Parables Of Jesus

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Parables of Jesus Name: Institutional Affiliation Parables of Jesus Martin Luther King was an American Baptist who was also the leader of the African American movement. In 1967, Martin Luther King preached about why Messiah called a man a fool. In his sermon, Martin elaborated the need for human beings to live a life that pleases God, by loving God first, the family comes second and then every person should be beneficial to the community (Gowler, 2015). Martin Luther King was preaching this message about the blockedure found in the book of Luke 12:13-21. In this blockedure, Jesus was teaching His followers the parable of the Rich Fool (Crossan, 2002). This story is about a rich man who thought that wealth should control his life and he depended on his richness to give him comfort. In his preaching to educate people why Jesus called a man fool in the Bible, Martin Luther King was trying to educate people the reasons why they should stay united, support each other and put Jesus first in their life (Gowler, 2015). Martin explained to the crowd the story of the man in the Bible who if measured with the worldly things, he is considered a very wealthy individual but still Jesus named him a Fool man. This man referred in the parable had many gardens that yielded great crops, but he did not know what to do (Hultgren, 2000). With all the harvest that he got from his farms, the man decided to build more barns where he could store the crops. This is the only alternative he had to
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