Paradigm On Education

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Paradigm based on Education
I grew up in a society where people were taught to believe that they cannot get a job if they do not have the proper education. South Africa is brainwashed by the idea that people need to have a degree or a diploma in order to get a good job. My parents constantly remind me of how important my education should be and that I will never get a job if I do not have a degree or a diploma, therefore I also believe that without an education I will be living on the street and I will have no job. This paradigm about education is in fact quite negative simply because so many people have started businesses even without any degree or diploma, but I am stuck with the idea that I will not be able to make a living without a degree. I am too afraid of dropping out, because I am scared of becoming a failure. I believe that any mark lower than 55% already mean that I am not on the right track anymore and if I do not work hard I will fail without a doubt.
Paradigm based on Work
My parents are obsessed with work, especially my dad who spends time behind his laptop everyday of the week. A day without work is something we do not see very often. Therefore I was taught to do at least two hours of work every day otherwise I will not achieve my goals. I am so used to working everyday that there is not a day that goes by that I do not work on something. I am always busy with my assignments or if there isn’t any work for the day I will make work for myself by helping my

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