Paradise Lost And Frankenstein Comparison Essay

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1. Shelley and her relation with Paradise Lost and Frankenstein’s synopsis

A fire name in the world of literature, with the complicity of her contemporaries, set a pillar stone for new ideologies, if not the most dangerous the most effective to change the humanity’s path concerning people’s spirituality. We are talking about Frankenstein’s writer the celebrity Mary Shelley. Being the only child of a British couple known as fighters for the benefit of their society, the philosopher and political writer William Godwin and the feminist Mary Wollstonecraft the writer of “the rights of woman” (1792). She inherited their warriors spirit and passion of challenge and rebellion. She was born on the 30th of August 1797 in London and lived
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In fact Mary Shelley was fascinated by the poem of John Milton and found refuge and a vast ocean of thoughts and philosophy within it. Searching about the connection between the two we merely notice that the hero in the novel is derived from the poem’s characterization, or as continuity or a development of a character. When Mary was given a copy of paradise lost by Percy Shelley she made use of it to create her hero, in fact both major characters in her novel seem heroes. You cannot distinguish easily who is the hero: Victor or the monster? It is fascinating how both writers, Milton and Shelley, created heroes with parallel position to their anti-heroes. The reader can be besides any of them according to his interaction and feelings towards the story. The same remark the critics, mainly the romantics, made about Milton’s principal character or hero in his poem: was it the source of evil or the divinity? Mary recreated the same debate but this time with intention to make the reader sympathize with evil. The reader is in reality not sure who makes harm to the other: the scientist or the monster. So who is the hero from the anti-hero in
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