The Role Of The Hero In John Milton's Paradise Lost

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The Hero of Paradise Lost Who is the hero ? The reader of Paradise Lost always wondering about this issue . The author , John Milton did not represent the hero directly . For this reason , it appeared that Paradise Lost does not have a specific hero . There is more than one important character who may be the hero of this epic poem such as Satan , Adam and Eve . Satan is a Head of the rebellious angels who have fallen from Heaven . Adam is the first human , the father of our race , he is grateful and obedient to God , but falls from grace when Eve convinces him to join her in the sin of eating from the Tree of Knowledge. Eve is the second human created by God, taken from one of Adam's ribs and shaped into a female form of Adam. However , in my and other views , Satan is the hero of Paradise Lost , my point of view depending on some features that we use to determine the hero in our real lives . The two important features that found in Satan's character is savvy and persuasion . These Satan's characteristics appeared in the beginning of the epic . When Satan was angry because he has just fallen from heaven . So , he decided to Launch a revolution against God but , he was not sure if that revolution would win or not . For this reason , Satan did not want to begin this war alone without any followers .…show more content…
Pfeiffer and Julie presented in their article various views about the hero of Paradise Lost , some of these agree that Satan is the hero like when they said "The most famous such response is, of course, that of the Romantic poets who suggested that Satan is, in fact, the hero of the epic" additionally " Whereas Shelley and many of his contemporaries may have found in Satan the true hero of Paradise Lost ..." Likewise, kaiter and sandiuc said "Satan deserves the tragic hero status. He has not only the statue of a tragic hero, but also his attributes
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