Paradox And Juxtaposition In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Shakespeare, the greatest playwright to ever walk the earth. He spent his days thinking of clever ways to write his plays. He often used paradox, pun, and juxtaposition to indirectly describe his characters. This helped keep the audience focused because they were trying to find all of the hidden meanings in the actors lines. shakespeare uses indirect characterization to make him, and his plays, something that people still talk about in amazement years after his passing. Shakespeare uses figurative language to develop complex characters. Throughout Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare uses Paradox and Juxtaposition to show that Romeo is always confused about his love life, and to show how much he loves Juliet. Romeo states, “Arise fair sun and kill the envious moon” (2.2.2-25). This shows how much Romeo loves Juliet because he is saying that he wants the night to end and the next day…show more content…
Friar Laurence states, “violent delights” 2.2.9-15) This quote shows how wize Friar Laurence is because he knows that the marriage between Romeo and Juliet was being rushed. Friar Laurence states, “the sweetest honey is loathsome” (2.6.9-15). Friar Laurence is saying that even things that are amazing at first can turn out to be terrible. Friar Laurence is a wize man who helps Romeo and Juliet in the hope that their marriage would end the two families feuds. In Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare uses figurative language to help his audience understand what each character is like and how he or she will act. Romeo uses figurative language to show how much he loves juliet. In my second paragraph Juliet uses figurative language to show how she wants it to be night so she can be with Romeo. Friar Laurence uses figurative language to show how to tell Romeo not to rush into a bad marriage. Shakespeares to use of figurative language is one of the many things that made him such a talented poet and
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