Paradox In Romeo And Juliet

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Paradox in Romeo and Juliet shows that there are different kinds of characteristics in shakespeare. Shakespeare uses paradoxes to show differences between the two leading families in the story of romeo and juliet. For example “love and hate” shows that romeo and juliet are truly in love but the families are enemies and don't get alone with each other at all. Many of these feelings are opposite such as “loving hate” or “happiness and sadness” for example when juliet finds out that Romeo is a montague she exclaims that “My only love is sprung from my only hate” then that leads to a discussion with Friar Lawrence. Friar Lawrence uses paradox when he describes earths as a nature's tomb and womb because the tomb reflects images of death while a womb…show more content…
The paradox of Romeo occurs when he sees juliet for the first time and immediately falls in love with her in sight. He uses paradox when he states that he has no way to explain or describe the way he felt when he first seen Juliet at sight. He constantly tells Benvolio how he feels about juliet and tell him how he wants to fall in love with her.In the story of Romeo and Juliet shows that a paradox could mean statement or possibly event that seems absurd. It is a meaning in real life experiences and it expresses possible health. In this story of shakespeare there are different kinds of examples in paradox and other sounds devices that could be found in many parts of the story of Romeo and Juliet.In conclusion the love story of Romeo and Juliet showed that there are many types of sound devices, Friar Lawrence was one of many to give many types of examples in the story and play of Romeo and Juliet. For example (Romeo and Juliet 24.) “ Our enemy’s friend is your enemy. I am nobody, what a pity that youth must be wasted on the young. Wise fool truth is honey with bitter. I can resist anything but temptation.” I would say that paradox has a humorous effect on shakespeare
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