Paradox Of Hedonism Analysis

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During chapter two in the fundamentals of ethics book, the paradox of hedonism is explained. The paradox of hedonism is described as “those who try really hard to make themselves happier almost never succeed” (Shafer-Landau, 33). Many people believe that if they try extremely hard to be happy then sooner or later they will become happy, but is this really true? Hedonists believe “that even if many people don’t in fact strive for happiness, they should do so, and would do so if they knew what was good for them” (Shafer-Landau, 32). This quote is saying that happiness is an intrinsic good; but as we learned on pages 33 and 34 it is not. Also this was not challenged the “Paradox of Hedonism Argument” (Shafer-Landau) proved that you should not
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