Social Hierarchy In Blade Runner

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Similarly BR’s social hierarchy is dominated by technology. It is a world that is artificially created, resulting in humanity being lost, with the artificial humans, or replicants, displaying qualities that are “more human than human”, a disparity to BNW’s clones who are the other extreme, giving up their human reproductive right. These replicants are known by their first names (“Rachel”), which Scott has opposed to the humans who are only know by their last names (“Deckard”). This language manipulation Scott uses enhances the responders understanding, as ironically it was the flawed biological humans that created the replicants, who exhibit more passion for life; satirizing their servile status, because they indeed are better than their masters.…show more content…
In the scene where Deckard ‘retires’ Zora a robotic voice tells the crowd to “move on, move on”. This same voice also tells the people when to “cross now” or “don’t walk”. This voice conveys the theme that technology is controlling the society and everyone in it. The attitude of the people is that technology is a good thing. This attitude is shared by all the people but Deckard who says “if a machine is beneficial to society then it 's not my problem”. Scott is telling us through his film that nature can not be improved upon and that technology was created for man, not man for…show more content…
They try to control it, hide from it, are repulsed by it and ultimately try to escape from it but in the end the main characters eventually learn that the hardest thing in this world is to live in it.


It is only through an examination of the influences in the context that one can understand a text. This tells us that Both Brave New World and Blade Runner were very reactionary texts; influenced by the changing world that was emerging around in the époque. Therefore we can say that because of their contexts these works offer a response to global movements.
In essence, in the differing cultures of BNW and BR, the ways in which the people interact with their environment is different, but they are similar in terms of conformity, the nature of humanity and the effect of developments in science and technology on the environment and on the humans. The effect of these varies on the cultures, but both texts focus on humanity and nature, and both provide horrendous visions of the results of the disaster of breaking this necessary
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