Paradox Oxymoron Analysis

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Learning by easy methods is not only for the specific subject, we can learn anything from this method because it is all about learning by using simple memory clues. The problem of learners is to remember the content. Here is the solution reading content with easy clues for better memory. At the primary level teachers play a vital role. They have to suggest simple clues to the budding students according to their level of understanding and their level of comfort. At the secondary level students have the ability to become a clue developer. Students will create their own clues to read and remember things according to their level of comfort. As a result it can be a good reader friendly for the better learners. As a future teacher the researcher…show more content…
Here is a simple solution for this, paradox and oxymoron both are expressing contrastive words in a sentence. But the difference is paradox can be in a passage of opposite words whereas oxymoron should be of a combined word. Remember the contrast in Tamil language that “pirithirunthal” -“paradox” “ondriirunthal”- “oxymoron” . Starting letter of Tamil word is the clue to remember the difference between paradox and oxymoron. Pirithirunthal – paradox. Ondrirunthal – oxymoron . Here the first letter of the Tamil word “Pirinthirunthal” letter (P) is the clue representation of Paradox. The first letter of the Tamil word “Ondrirunthal” letter (O) is the clue representation of…show more content…
It was attended by Underground Lovers after their dinner both of them realize there was No Exit for them to escape. So they need a help from god both of them were eagerly waiting for Godot. The Firebugs were disturbed them with its flying sounds. At that time they hear Ping-Pong sound it makes them afraid. Both were watching and hearing the sound of fire bugs from The Balcony. They were surprised of their sight, they saw Rhinoceros ghost appeared on top of The Automobile Graveyard. 3. Five Principles in teaching Plan, Prepare, Practice, Play, Present We can remember these five principle as 5 P’s. Thus we recollect the first letter of five principles is (P) and remember the second letter of each word as Single (L), double (R), (L) and (R). 4. Seven major learning styles Visual, Physical, Aural, Verbal , Logical, Social, Solitary Imagine that you are an interview panel member and there is a candidate. The things you notice from their entry. First we notice their behavior hoe theyvisualize (how they look upon us and their eye contact), next notice their physical appearance their way of dressing, verify their aural strength, and their verbal power, check their statements are logical, whether the statement connected to the society (social) or individualize

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