Paradoxes Of Identity And Activism By Kevin K. Kumashiro

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After reading the articles for this week, I could not help to come to a conclusion on how important identity is for the youth of America as well as the youth around the world and what it truly represents. There is power in understanding “who you are” and “what makes you “special” as an individual? Qualities of our individual identities make themselves present when we stimulate and practice the natural gifts we have come to inherit from birth. Whether it is physicality, intelligence, creativeness, or perseverance, we all have unique qualities that make us special. It is because we have the need to feel special about our identities that many educators our testing the intersections of identity and individuality within schools. In the article we read called Queer students of color and antiracist, antiheterosexist education: Paradoxes of identity and activism, by Kevin K. Kumashiro, we learn process of analyzing “intersections” can definitely come with new issues and challenges of its own.…show more content…
There are standards that are typically enforced the require you to adhere to religious, cultural, and heterosexual family type unit. “Being Latino/a “requires fulfilling family roles and, in the process, practicing heterosexuality.”(Kumashiro, 2001, p. 5 (Diaz 1998). I can say this standard and expectation is true because I am Mexican. Cultural standards like this can definitely serve as an obstacle if you are different in any way. This is an unfortunate circumstance, but it is definitely true. Intersections like sexuality and race can be challenging to understand, however important for educators to familiarize themselves with when dealing with these kinds of students in the

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