Paraeducator Monologue

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CRITIQUE OF ARTICLE: I thought this to be an excellent article that provided a clear understanding of the paraeducator’s role in the classroom and how to make the educational team a success. There were several key suggestions that I know as a regular educator would be and have been excellent tools for my understanding of new strategies and teaching techniques. I can see where these would be extremely beneficial for the paraeducator as well. I love the way the authors say to include the paraeducators in setting the tone for the classroom by creating the shared philosophy together. It will make both the paraeducator and the teacher clear on what is desired to be accomplished for the school year. To feel a part of the learning team would make me feel as though I was…show more content…
This gives the teacher and the paraeducator the opportunity to discuss the performance in real time. It allows them to view it and make suggestions immediately. Then these suggestions could be followed by reenacting the scenario implementing the new strategy suggested by the teacher. This also will help the paraeducator get a clearer picture of exactly what the teacher is wanting. While I agree that ongoing assessments should be conducted, it seemed to be a little degrading for the paraeducator that the authors suggest positive feedback immediately. I think this it is a good thing to praise someone but the examples provided made it seem as though the paraeducator would be receiving the same positive reinforcement that we use on the children. Other than this, I thought the article was great and that it could be used not only in a classroom with paraeducators but that it would also be effective in communicating new strategies to all teachers. I would suggest that this article be shared with teachers and paraeducators, but with administration at the district and school levels as
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