Paragraph About Christmas Celebration

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Embracing Cultures
Faith, Family, Food: A Christmas Celebration

CHRISTMAS ― a time to give and to share, a time to spread good cheer, and of glee. A time where we reminisce the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ. Christmas is not only a period of festivity, eating, partying and rolling tambourines and trombones. It is also a time for reflection and meditation ― it is a time to pray.
Sound of Christmas hymns heard everywhere, bright lights surrounding the streets and homes of the people; it is undoubtedly visible that the holiday season is significantly celebrated in the Philippines. Filipinos prepare for the season with much anticipation and as we welcome the celebration of the most awaited time of the year, we reminisce our traditions as Filipinos, such as attending the Misa de Gallo, preparing the Noche Buena, and decorating our houses with bright lanterns and Christmas lights.
As soon as the month of September arrives, Filipinos begin decorating their houses, establishments, and streets with gleaming displays, huge Christmas trees, and astounding decorations.
Marking the feel of holiday cheer is the annual Belen or Christmas tree lighting of every city in the Philippines together with the hanging of parols in homes and in every public space. This symbolic lantern, representing the Star of Bethlehem, brightens every street and household. May it be simple or elaborate, big or small – the traditional Filipino parols blinks proudly getting all the attention it deserves.

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