Paragraph About Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is very different in many ways to many different people. For example, some people like to eat ham over eating turkey. Others might be that they like apple pie over pumpkin pie. You can also change your thanksgiving by just a simple thing as going Black Friday Shopping or not. Little things about this holiday makes it special in different ways to different people. Thanksgiving is different from the divine food you eat down to the things you do. On big impact to Thanksgiving is what meat you buy ham or turkey. Most people think “It’s just a meat.” False there are actually quite a bit more flavors on how you cook the meat. Ham is more moist compared to turkey, which is dry and flavorless. But the world doesn’t all agree on one thing so most people still have turkey for Thanksgiving. Some people don’t want to kill a pig so they would rather kill a turkey or visa versa.…show more content…
Pumpkin or Apple? Most people would probably say pumpkin over apple. But like I said the world doesn’t agree on anything together so the companies made apple pie to satisfy the customers. Apple pie and pumpkin pie are the same thing almost. They are both a well known and loved pie. During different seasons, they have their ups and downs in sales prices. Most people prefer pumpkin pie over apple pie in the thanksgiving time of the year. Apple and pumpkin pie are very different if you have ever even seen one. Apple pie has that basket look at the top of it, unlike the pumpkin pie top. Apple pie has a top to control all of the chunks of apple and the pie filling. Pumpkin does not have a pie top because the pumpkin is a one and only pie where you don’t need to control anything because they don’t have those pie chunks. The pumpkin pie has only pie filling no real chunks of pumpkins in the divine
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