Personal Narrative: My Traveling Country

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Traveling has defined me as a person growing up, developing me to being the person you see today. At the beginning of my traveling countries, I went to some Arabian Gulf countries. The first country was Bahrain; I went there with my family. I experienced new things that we don't have in our country. I saw a different type of malls, buildings, and restaurants. I was amazed by the beauty of this country compared to our country. I saw a different kind of people; like Americans and Brits. I met a lot of people, and I was glad to meet them. After this country, I went to another one, and its U.A.E. It was better than Bahrain, especially its city Dubai, it's so beautiful, everything in Dubai is modern and well designed, and again, it amazed me. I…show more content…
We were board because there are no fun places in our city. Personally, I got depressed, but this time we decided to go to a non-Arabic country, we went to Sri Lanka. My family told me that we would have a new experience. We were all excited to go there. Meet a very different culture and different people. We arrived, I was surprised, it was a poor country, and it was even worse than my homeland. It was a shock, but my father told that I would get benefit from this, and the benefit was that I would appreciate my country's beauty by going to a poor country like Sri Lanka. I saw different things, people there are so poor, they barely have money to feed themselves before feeding their children and their families, but the thing that mostly amazed is that they are happy no matter what are their circumstances. These people taught my family and me to live happy no matter how good or bad is your life. After this one month trip, we returned to our homeland, and I felt the difference, what my father said was true, I appreciated our country. Now it's difficult to get depressed for not traveling because my country is better than other nations in Asia. I think that everybody should go to a country like Sri Lanka or India and compare himself with people who had more problems than him and appreciate God for the things that he gave him, like money, shelter, and

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