Paragraph: Bert Cater's 'Inherit The Wind'

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“Inherit the WInd” Paragraph Bert Cates has been sent to court for teaching evolution at school. Most people’s opinions are to send him to jail for not teaching the creation of mankind by God. Throughout “Inherit the Wind”, bigotry, prejudice, and ignorance were shown by the citizen’s, Brady’s, and the Judge’s opinions. All three of these words are influential in the play because some characters have an intolerance toward others with different opinions, most character’s preconceived opinions about evolution are different, and most of the people lack knowledge of Darwin’s book of evolution. Some characters had an intolerance toward others with different opinions. Often, characters would argue with each other over evolution being wrong and God actually created mankind. They would also want to put a harsh punishment for the person believing in evolution. This is shown when Brown states, “Let him feel the terror of Thy sword! For all eternity, let his soul writhe in anguish and damnation” (Lawrence and Lee 66). In other words, Lawrence and Lee are trying to show the harsh punishments for evolutionists and thoughts of characters not believing evolution. Brown is implying for, Cates to stay in jail forever, let him die, and end up in hell. Brown made a harsh punishment for someone else believing in a different idea than himself. Not only was Brown’s opinion harsh, but the judge also had an intolerance toward Drummond’s opinion. The judge shows bigotry toward Drummond’s
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