Paragraph On Dress For Success

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Dress for success, a phrase you would hear in the business world or something your high school/elementary teacher would say to you. What that phrase means to me is that your success is based on your appearance. An example is that when you go for an interview you have to dress properly a nice t-shirt, pants with no holes and the manager might consider you. But if you wear a shirt that reaches up to your diaphragm, ripped up jeans jacket and pants with holes in them, the person who’s going to appoint you thinks you have some mental problems and there goes your job, bye-bye. Paragraph 1: Dress for Success, a phrase that means how we dress can tell alot about our personality. Dress for Success is phrase that was popular/most used in the 1970s.But after 1980 that phrase was so yesterday!But just because it was so yesterday doesn’t mean it was meaningless it’s meaningful and for some people it’s very important.But nowadays this term is often forgotten and tell that from the way people dress now like 10cm short shorts ripped up shirts you name it.Now this phrase is used inside of high school or at your big company where it belongs because you don’t need success at you friend’s birthday party. Dress for success is also important because it shows you how a person’s appearance can tell a lot about your identity. Paragraph 2: There are books(manuals) about this phrase such as Dress for Success Manual by John T.Molloy.These manuals describe John’s formula for “successful” dressing.
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