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Different circumstances often dictate our style on so many levels. Many women are afraid to try something new at work because they think that that they will not be taken seriously. This era of ripped jeans and T-shirts, „spilled paint“ patterns and random zippers, is the best time to start getting a little bit bolder and trying out some new stuff. Say goodbye to the boring work and college combinations Have you ever thought of adding some unexpected garments to your working or college combinations? Here is a list of garments you might want to consider trying. Black skinny jeans Come on, you can’t tell me that you don’t have at least two of these? They are so versatile and so timeless. You can make a great day outfit by adding a printed T-shirt, canvas sneakers and a military inspired blazer (with two rows of buttons). Another great idea is to wear them with a tunic top, a leather jacket and studded boots – hello there, sexy motor chick. Corset tops Oh my God, they are so incredibly sexy! Not to mention they flatter your figure by making your waist look smaller and your breasts look bigger. If you find this a little bit too edgy for work or college, you can always opt for the floral ones – there is nothing edgy there at the first site – but you know the whole story. They go great with high waisted jeans and kimono styled cardigans, with pencil skirts and utility jackets etc. Dr. Martens Oh yes, they are finally back. Just to be clear, you won’t have to spend a

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