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I had a great opportunity to interview a beautiful paralegal inner and outer with a humble personality. Her name is Autumn Virgadamo who is originally from Dallas, Texas. She has been living in Northern California for approximately two years. She works for Hunton & Williams which is a major international law corporation out the San Francisco, California office. She was eager to allow me interview her and I would like to share her interview with you. Autumn’s academic history of paralegal involves going to a business school in Dallas, several years ago. It was for “legal administrative” position not a paralegal. She worked in a Dallas as a legal secretary and worked her way up to a paralegal position. Autumn does not possess a certificate or a degree; she was able to advance through experience in…show more content…
Stay on top of case deadlines. Always be sure to review the local or federal rules when working on a case. If you are filing in superior court make sure to read those rules and any applicable rules for that specific judge assigned to the matter.” Autumn’s billable rate is usually anywhere from $100.00 to $185.00 per hour. Autumn did not disclose how much is making because she felt that it is based on your experience and her firm pays anywhere from approximately $60,000 to $110,000 per year. Next, we focus on the topic of continuing education which she was so warm to honestly tell me that she does not attend continuing education classes. She is certain if she asked the firm to send her to school, they would pay for it. Yet, she is raising her two-year old right now and she is not interested in school any time soon. Additionally, her firm often offers Westlaw and Lexis training and different technology training all which is free. The best advice she would offer to any one pursuing a Paralegal Certificate or Degree to stay on top of court rules and ask

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