Parallel Thinking

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Everyday we keep thinking. Think of what are we going to eat? Think of what are we going to do? A well-known French philosopher Descartes propose that”Cogito ergo sum”, in English it means "I think, therefore I am".We can see how importance thinking is. And there are two thinking system critical thinking and parallel thinking. Critical thinking is a system of thought and reasoning established to evaluate claims. Parallel thinking is an associate idea of six thinking hats, and it requires intelligence, experience and knowledge of group members. Comparing critical thinking and parallel thinking, I prefer parallel thinking most. This essay is going express my point of view by real life example. Critical thinking is not uncommon for most of the people because most of the people learnt this thinking system in secondary school.Critical thinking means making judgements or arguments which are reasonable and logical. This thinking system does not allow thinkers simple accept all argument and conclusion, while such argument and conclusion will be questioned by thinkers and help them to draw the final conclusion. Also, it requires many and many evidence to support your argument, which means arguments without evidence are useless. The mechanism of critical thinking involved purpose, question, information, point of view, assumption, concept, interpretation and inference, implication and consequence. Parallel thinking is a fast and clear thinking system. Parallel thinking is

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