Paralysis In Decision Making Analysis

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w are you when it comes to decision making? Do you spend a long time thinking over every single thing? Are you often afraid to make the wrong move? Do you feel the need to analyze every option? Do you sometimes miss perfectly good opportunities or waste time due to your meticulousness? If so, congratulations — you “suffer” from analysis paralysis. Analysis paralysis is the state of over-thinking about a decision to the point that a choice never gets made, thereby creating inaction. A person faces analysis paralysis when he/she… is overwhelmed by available options over-complicates the decision when it’s supposed to be quite simple feels compelled to pick the “right” choice, thereby delaying any decision until he/she does due research feels a…show more content…
After working through these steps, I no longer mull over little decisions like I used to. Tips #1, 3, 5, 6, and 7 have been particularly crucial for me. 1) Differentiate Between Big and Small Decisions Big apple vs. small fruit (Image: Hiltrud Möller-Eberth) Firstly, differentiate between big and small decisions. Then, give the decision the attention equivalent to its importance. A big part of my analysis paralysis came from treating all decisions as if they were life-altering when really, they aren’t. While my meticulousness helped with life decisions like finding my soulmate and discovering my life path, it was very draining with other decisions because I would invest much time and energy into them, even though I shouldn’t. Advertisement Example: My Wedding Preparation A good example is wedding planning. Many brides obsess over every detail of their wedding, and I was no different. From deciding on linen colors to whether to have sashes on guest chairs to the color of sashes, these were a few of the countless decisions I had to make in a few months. I was very anxious about each decision as everything seemed critically important, and I was afraid that I would ruin my big day if I didn’t pick the “right”
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