Advantages Of Paramedic Practice

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Paramedic practice is ever changing and it’s a continuing challenge to provide the best care for patients. Many studies that have been conducted with evidence based practice are still relativity infantile within a prehospital or emergency medical service environment. Evidence from Merrill (2014) indicates that “evidence based medicine” only began to progress in the 1970’s. This patch will aim to discuss, explore, investigate and to analyse the outcomes within the method of qualitative research using the example case studies of O’Hara et al (2014) and Price (2006).

O’Hara et al (2014) discusses that the aim of the study was to qualitatively examine potential system-wide influences on decision-making in the ambulance service setting and to
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It can address research problems such as perceptions of the decision-making processes followed when identifying opportunities for new developments. With any type of research there comes faults and benefits. Advantages can include: the research is open ended, dynamic and flexible. It can provide a depth of understanding with a deeper and broader outlook on the certain subject. If a small sample is use the can often provide a quicker result as well as a cheaper method of research. With the positives comes disadvantages with the consequence of risk within the information collected. These include: responses are not measured, research will be dependent on interviewer skills, orientation & interpretation, the research can not be repeated as easily with exactly replicable & thus comparable results as quantitative research, smaller sample sometimes demands follow on larger quantitative sample for more controversial marketing decisions and finally will be dependent on the interviewer’s skills and experience of the…show more content…
Within the research of O’Hara and Price it is not necessarily understand each other even with the desire to do so as any ethical dimension has no relevance on the subject matter. Gunn (2007) goes on to state that each person in any society is an individual with beliefs and experiences of their own, and so practices that are acceptable to most may be questionable to others within the same group. Research on a certain topic in the instance of O’Hara and Price will often uncovers other issues of importance that are far more important than those intended. The researcher then may discover that perhaps findings that are not

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