Paranoia In Sophocles Antigone

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In Antigone, Creon is faced with the theme, paranoia is corrupt because it blinds judgment and misleads action. Creon became king after Oedipus had been dethrone; leading the corruption of power to take action. He became fearful that there were people set against him; this causes his ill-considered decisions. When Creon’s sentry came to tell him someone went against this command, he replied with “No, from the every beginning /There have been those who have whispered together, /Stiff-necked anarchists, putting their heads together, /Scheming against me in alleys. /These are the men, /And they have bribed my own guard to do this thing. /Money! /There’s nothing in the world so demoralizing as money. /Find that man, bring him here to me, or your…show more content…
The thing is, in the story, the the townspeople are represented as the chorus. So they express their feelings about Creon stating, “fortunate is the man who has never tasted God's vengeance!/ Where once the anger of heaven has struck, the house is shaken/ For ever: damnation Rises behind each child”(Sophocles 465-467). In a way his people are mocking him, they call him lucky for not feeling the anger of the Gods because he is going against the the Gods. Being arrogant to his religion Creon creates a conflict between him, his State, and the Gods. So by being paranoid a person might ruin his connections with his friends or family. As Creon was throwing his fit of stubbornness his son tried reasoning with him. His son bringing in nature claims “ in flood-time you can see how some trees bend,/ And because they bend, even their twigs are safe,/ While stubborn trees are torn up roots and all”( Sophocles 571-573). This is easily applicable to everyone.Due to his stubbornness, that was created by his paranoia, Creon loses all positive connections in the world, making him wish death upon himself. Just as a normal person who can not live their life do to paranoia becomes
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