Paranormal Elements In The Lalurie Horror By Jenifer Reeser

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Analysis of Paranormal Elements in The Lalurie Horror by Jenifer Reeser * Research Objective: The legend of 'Madame Lalaurie ' has haunted the streets of New Orleans for about 200 years now. Madame Delphine Lalaurie was the elitist and the most influential personality of the french-creon society in 1830 's. When fire destroyed part of her home in 1834 the public was outraged and disgusted to learn that behind closed doors Lalaurie practiced forbidden arts and butchery. Madame Lalaurie escaped from there and was never seen in that area. Some said they ran away to France and others claimed they lived in the forest along the north shore of Lake Ponchatrain. Other rumors claimed that they vanished into a small town near New Orleans, where their friends and relatives sheltered them. No official evidence has been found as to where the family went and what became of them. The death of Delphine Lalaurie is also very unclear. George Washington cable recounted in 1888 an unsubstantiated story of the death of Lalaurie in France in a boar-hunting incident. In 1930s, Eugene Becks sexton. St. Louis Cemetery #1 until 1924 discovered a cracked copper plate in alley 4 of the cemetery. The inscription on the plate read: "Madame LaLaurie, née Marie Delphine Macarty, décédée à Paris, le 7 Décembre, 1842, à l 'âge de 6--." Was it her or somebody else? This could not be proved due to lack of legal evidences. The symbol of her atrocities 'The Lalaurie Mansion ' turned out to be the city 's

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