Paraphilia Case Studies

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Paraphilia is a condition in which a person’s sexual arousal and gratification depend on fantasizing about and engaging in sexual behavior that is a typical and extreme. When it comes to paraphilia, it becomes a broad topic for which it can be broken down to several sexual disorders. In the eyes of many experts the most commonly diagnosed with sexual disorders are men, but recent research has shown the increase of women falling under this umbrella. Women and paraphilia are rare and basically almost non-existent to the public eye. During a case series made by Paul Fedoroff, Alija Fishell, and Beverley Fedoroff, fourteen women were compared to 118 men who were presumed to have a paraphilic sexual disorder. The study demonstrated that these 14…show more content…
Who they grew up with? What was their childhood like? What was their academic standing? How do they cope with the work environment? As to say Stone’s study was not only based on the Kraft’s research but he also based it on 150 Serial Killers who manifested sadistic behaviors, out of those 150 serial killers 47.3% had committed more than 3 homicides with sexual acts. A perfect male example when dealing with sadism is David Parker Ray “Toy Box Killer”. Unfortunately he was raised in a broken home where he was repeatedly abused by his father who later abandoned him. By the age of 13 he began fantasizing about torturing women by using bondage and other sexual acts. As time progressed he would reach “orgasm when masturbating only by fantasizing murdering a women” (Stone, p.144), by the time he reached adulthood, he decide to build a torture chamber later known as the Toy Box. In multiple occasions he would kidnap his victims and would use a recording in which he would describe what they would encounter while staying there. In one of Parkers recording he describes to a young woman what he is planning to do with her, “you’re going to be kept like an animal… I’m into animal sex…you’re going to be subjected to alotta use with some rather large dildos” (Stone,
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