Parasympathetic Ganglion Research Paper

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When the both sympathetic and parasympathetic ganglion direct to the same organ or gland the total function of the gland is carried by the input signals given by chain ganglia and the terminal ganglia. E.g. the sympathetic ganglion can increase the heart rate and the parasympathetic ganglion can decrease the heart rate. Terminal ganglia in the sympathetic nervous system receive impulses from the head, neck, thoracic and lumber regions. Terminal ganglia of the parasympathetic system receive impulses from the lower abdominal region as well as the pelvic cavity.
A plexus is form by the terminal ganglia into the wall of the target organ below the head and neck region by a network of fibers. The enteric plexus is formed by the network of nerve processes in small and large
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The nerves are surrounded by connective tissue provide blood and nutrients. Epineurium is the outer fibrous layer of the nerve. Neurilemma covers the nerve cell. Each nerve cell is packed into fascicles which surrounds by the epineurium and inner most layer is covered by a layer of fibrous connective called endoneurium. The peripheral nervous system is associated with cranial and spinal nerves. (, 2017). The peripheral nervous system is classified into two as somatic nervous system and autonomic nervous system. Somatic nervous system
The main function of the somatic nervous system is control the movement of voluntary muscle according to the conscious environmental perception. Although the sensory impulses arise from the environmental stimuli in the peripheral nervous system motor responses starts in the central nervous system. A simple reflex arc contains three parts. The sensory input determines the sensory perception like pain, vision and central processor in the synapse of the spinal cord and the output through the motor neuron. The central processor mainly involves in the integration of nerve impulse.
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