Parent Child Communication Analysis

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Being a parent is not as easy as majority thinks before actually giving a birth to a new life. A parent doesn’t take responsibility for himself only, but has to take care about his child as well, takes full responsibility for growing him up and forming a good human being out of him.
While people are different, their approach to raising a child also differs. Some think that providing a child with all the material things he needs, such as food, clothes, toys etc. is enough. But in reality children need more of psychological background than material. Little creatures need attention, love and care almost all of the time. That is why parents should communicate with their children as often as possible. Children form an opinion about themselves based on how parents communicate with them.
If parents are always busy, don’t dedicate much time to the problems of their children and don’t even try to understand their worries, their children will wind up thinking that their needs are not important. According to the article “Parent/Child Communication” written by Kristin Zolten and Nicholas Long, who work in the Center for Effective Parenting, every single word parents say to their children sends a message about how they feel about them. (Kristin Zolten and Nicholas Long,
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These parents have high expectations often overwhelming their children with strict rules and regulations. In their opinion, if they are strict enough with their kid, he will always listen to them and will do what they want him to do. But according to the article written by Denise Mann, a freelance health writer in New York “Uber-strict parents are more likely to raise children who are disrespectful and engage in delinquent behaviors such as stealing, hurting others, and/or substance abuse.” (Denise Mann, 2012) Children raised in authoritarian families tend to lie more, rebel and often don’t even respect their
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