Parent Child Interaction Theory Essay

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PARENT-CHILD INTERACTION THERAPY NAME: INSTITUTION: DATE: Question 1 Yes. I agree with the coercion hypothesis and think it is very reasonable, it reflects the common situation in many households worldwide. Where the parent in good faith tries to disciple the child by being harsh this procedure of discipline gives short-term results. (Lanier et al., 2015) As time progresses the child rebels only to get more harsh treatment and punishment from the parent. This state leaves the parent-child relationship on the rocks with a lot of tension. Families that are engage in the parent-child interaction therapy develop techniques to generate safe and cohesive environments to raise their children hence forming a strong bond between the guardian and the child. Question 2 The parent-child interaction therapy comprises mainly of two interaction models. They are the parent-direct interaction and the child-direct interaction. (Lanier et al., 2015) In the parent-direct interaction, the parents is directed and informed of better behavior management procedures by the therapist with the aim of reducing the harsh punishment methods, reduce the child’s bad behavior, and…show more content…
(Lanier et al., 2015) But the therapy results in major improvements in families that were able to complete the parent-child interaction therapy. There were major changes in the parent child relationship, the change of bad behavior displayed by the child, and major reduction of the guardians stress levels. The use of this therapy will result in good changes in the family setting. The researchers and the personnel involved in such treatment therapy should innovate and generate better methods and techniques to reduce the high number of dropouts to ensure effective

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