Parent-Child Observational Study

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Parental interaction is fundamental for the development of the child. The attention and communication they receive can affect who they become in the future and the behavior they will develop as they grow-up. Because of this, the researches decided to formulate an observational design target to learn about the parent-child interaction in public settings. The research took place in a public location in which children were observed playing. The idea of this study was to see if parents tend to pay attention or interact with their children as they play with other peers while attending a public setting or if they are left to play alone with no parental intervention. The different social factors going on in the environment can affect the behavior…show more content…
Parent-child interaction can be define as the communication and relation that is form between the parents and their child. Parent-child interaction is important to make them learn social rules and emotional prompts (Haven, Manangan, Sparrow, & Wilson, 2014). Through the years children can form different types of attachment with both or one specific parent. Also, according to attachment theorist, the type of attachment a child has with their parent will shape the way they see and think about themselves and others (Ontai & Thompson, 2008). The behavior of a child is greatly related to the relation and interaction they have with their parents. For example, young children with difficult behavior are most likely the result of parent complications or family stress (Rait, 2012). For this reason, learning the importance of the parent-child interaction is crucial for future generations. The research focuses on observing if there is a strong parent-child interaction while in a public setting surrounded by more…show more content…
According to their research, been sensitive to the child’s needs and behavior has a great influence on developing a secure parent-child attachment. During the study they found that mothers that were insightful with their children had an habit of interacting more sensitively with them crating a secure attachment. Also insightfulness can decrease the impact that violence exposure can have on a child. Children with insightful mothers were found to have lower levels of behavior problems even if they had been expose to violence. The conclusion for their research was that family in which both parents were insightful had higher scores in cooperation and co-parenting compared to one or none of the parents been insightful. Furthermore they did not find any differences between having one insightful parent and when both of them were not insightful concluding that the only way it will make a difference on cooperation and co-parenting is when both parents are insightful towards their
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