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Sharing of the Birth Story through a Parent Interview The purpose of this paper is to correlate the information gathered from interviewing my mother, Suzanna, about her first birth experience and the knowledge I have gained in my Maternal/Newborn class. Unfolding the story behind my birth, will help me, as a student nurse, understand the problems, emotions, and experiences that arise when giving birth. Knowing the stories behind women’s birth is beneficial to nurses and families. For nurses, it will help provide personalized care by knowing what information and care to provide. For families, it can provide insight to the mother you have never known and provide knowledge and inspiration in birthing our own children.
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I did not think we could have children” (Reyes, 2018). After hearing my mother’s response, I was utterly shocked. Since I had four younger sisters and three younger brothers, I had the preconception that my mom did not have any trouble with infertility. I decided to probe farther into the issue of infertility, and my mother explained that her and my father, Abel, have been trying for two years before she finally became pregnant. My parents were both young at the time, my mother was twenty years old. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, if you are younger than thirty-five years old, you are diagnosed infertility, after one year of trying to conceive. My mom explained that becoming pregnant was no taboo topic. She talked about it to everyone, her family, at work, and at church. When she finally came back with an at home positive pregnancy test, she immediately told Abel, “Guess what? You’re going to be a dad!” (Reyes, 2018). My mother explained to me that my father was in disbelief. So that same day they scheduled an appointment at the clinic to confirm and sure enough it came back positive. Abel became overjoyed and consumed with happiness. After a few weeks, my parents decided to tell my grandparents, everyone was bursting with…show more content…
She states, “she was so perfect, I just wanted to hold her. I did not want to put her down all night” (Reyes, 2018). This description describes part of the dependent phase of maternal role attainment. This stage happens in the first twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Suzanna is experiencing excitement. However, another key factor in the depending phase is, focusing on meeting personal needs. Suzanna describes being so tired, but not wanting to sleep because she was so excited. That is where Abel came into play. He assured my mother he would take care of the baby while she rest. After Suzanne heard this, she could finally have some rest. (Henry et al., 2016). Suzanne describes Abel being very involved. She chuckles as she says “he was person to change your first poopy diaper” (Reyes, 2018). She remembers the first bowel movement being dark green and oily. At first she started to panic, but was then reassured by her mother and nurse. The first bowel movement of an infant is called meconium, which is formed in utero from the amniotic fluid and its intestinal secretions, constituents, and shed mucosal cells. As the days progressed the stool started to turn more yellow, which is normal in breast feeding babies (Ladewig, 2017). After my parents were discharged from the hospital, Suzanna’s mother stayed with them for two weeks to help out around the house and continue to teach
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