Parent To Child Relationships In Romeo And Juliet

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Many of today 's parent to child relationships are extremely fragile, but what makes them this way? Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare is about two families, the Montagues and Capulets, who are in the midst of a very long feud. When Juliet, a Capulet, and Romeo, a Montague fall in love Juliet decides she can not tell her parents about it, only her Nurse. The decisions made by the two lovers led them to a point where in the end, they both end up committing suicide. In I’ll Give you the Sun by Jandy Nelson readers meet Jude, a girl struggling to cope with her dysfunctional family, for she feels as though they have neglected her. Kathy Griffin is an American actress who has a very strong relationship with her mother. The key to a healthy parent to child relationship as shown by Romeo and Juliet, I’ll Give you the Sun, and the relationship between Kathy and Maggie Griffin is communication.
Juliet closed herself off from the Nurse after she gave her advice she did not agree with. If Juliet had stayed open with the Nurse, maybe she could have kept Juliet from taking her life. After the Nurse has betrayed her she says “Go, counselor. Thou and my bosom henceforth shall be twain. I’ll to the friar to know his remedy. If all else fail, myself have power to die” (3, 5, 240-243). Readers can see throughout the play that the Nurse is much more of a mother to Juliet then Lady Capulet. Juliet tells the nurse everything, but after the Nurse tells her that maybe she should just marry
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