Parenting With Disability

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Introduction Disability can be referred as to restriction or impairments that hinder an individual in performing well in a specific task or activity which is different to the range or manner of performance of the rational human being. Disability is associated with the impairment in physical, mental or sensory-motor performance which includes blindness (partial or total), low vision, deafness (partial or total), or oral defect. Addition to physical and mental impairments are no hands or having only one hand, no legs or one leg, mild or severe cerebral palsy, mentally challenged individuals and with multiple impairments. In the result from the 2010 census, for about 16 per thousand of the country’s population had a disability. It is also stated…show more content…
Sometimes, parents tend to lose their motivation, attention, and balance that leads to giving up in their situation slowly. But still, they should not lose hope and will never do that. However, the author includes that parents should not try comparing their children, but sometimes it is hard not to notice how different the children are to their typical peers. As stated by Seth Meyers, Psy.D, (2013), having a special needs child brings many of the advantages and usual joys of parenting. But, parents believe that having a disabled child is also having disadvantages as to them. Seth, as a psychologist and parent of a special needs child of his own, detected several adverse effects such as parents of a disabled child would resent their child in such situations. Another, moods of the parents will suffer because the environment is so demanding than before. Some parents are stressed enough to get angry at their disabled child, but because they love their child, instead of getting mad at them, they will put their anger on other people. The romantic relationship of the parent will be affected too as well as their interpersonal relationships. Sometimes, their health is also suffering because of inadequate time for themselves. Parents should focus their attention as well as spend time trying to figure out what their child…show more content…
According to Chandramuki, Ph.D. (2012), the contribution of resiliency helps the family to come up and overcome acceptance and rejection. The family, as well as the parents, learn how to accept rather than reject the child with a disability. However, the parents are still affected regarding their well-being. There is a proof that family attitude has an impact on the development of a child through the resilience that the parents possessed. It is also stated that parents normally rejects their child at first, but whatever happens, they still accept their
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