Parental Separation Of Children

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“Emotions is a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with others”. Emotions are the most difficult to handle, especially for children who are so vulnerable. Either you break or make them. Parents’ separation can be the most unwanted situation they wanted to be in. Making them understand is crucial, allowing them to adjust is another. According to Gordon and Arbuthnot (2015) Children at the age of 9-12 are more likely to feel intense anger, and unlike their younger siblings, they are very aware of their anger. Parental separation can affect a child’s emotion, they can experience a roller coaster of emotions like anger, sadness, loneliness, anxiety, depression, confusion, frustration
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According to the article Separation and Children: How it affects your kids. “Separation creates insecurity, which threatens their development and exploration of the worlds. Instead, they put their energies into seeking reassurance rather than learning, experimenting, and growing.” Because of the insecurity the child become anti-social, instead of going out with his/her friends he/she preferred to stay at home because he/she feels different to his/her friends because of the separation of his/her parents. Their emotion affects not only themselves, but also it affects their being, their way of communication and image to other people as…show more content…
“Among effects of divorce on children are negative emotions like bitterness, stress, emotional pain, anxiety, fear, feeling betrayed and loss of self-esteem.” It is normal for a child to feel these different emotions because of the impact of his/her parents separation. Another article Children’s responses to separation and parental conflict. “High conflict typically includes significant levels of anger and distrust.” Child’s response depends on how big the impact of the situation to him/her. Like on the statements and researches that other authors and articles said parent separation leads to a roller coaster of emotions to children, they can’t even trust themselves because of the lack of parental motivation in their early stage of growing. The number of affected teens is more likely higher than those who took the separation positively cases in other places such as early pregnancy and so on are highly mainstream and increasing. Guidance was not properly taught to their children they seem not to care even if their children are growing very far apart from them. It is not only the separation that affects the emotions of the children, but also the lack of parental guidance, attention, love and

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