Parental Guidance In Romeo And Juliet

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Do teenagers act normal when they are in love? My best friend giggles as she tells me about her prince charming who stayed up with her all night long. She already plans to get promise rings and matching outfits for their anniversary. So far, They have been a couple for two weeks and a half by now. I know that their relationship will not last for any time longer since both parents disagree with their relationship. It is ironic since their relationship is like the characters, Romeo and Juliet. Throughout the play, Romeo and Juliet make irrational decisions like modern adolescents. Romeo and Juliet make careless mistakes in life because of the lack of parental guidance and by making risky decisions. Parental guidance for teenagers has a crucial…show more content…
Romeo’s mother or father does not have any influence in his life, but Romeo’s friend did in place of theirs. Romeo’s friends did not show any parental support, unlike Juliet’s nurse. Juliet has the nurse to fill in as the role of her mother. Even though Juliet’s nurse gives Juliet guidance, the nurse has some boundaries because of her job. In addition to the nurse having boundaries with Juliet, Juliet seeks affection and attention since she does not always receive it from her parents. Girls tend to experience more negative emotions due to family issues (). Manipulative parents destroy relationships with teenagers by not giving their children more independence nor respect. Juliet’s parents continually force Juliet to marry Paris, even when she clearly has no attraction towards him. (Kalish). Juliet looks for a partner to relieve her stress from her parents and to find love at the party. Boys tend to be more depressed during romance and breakups. Adolescents make more risk with friends more than adults or children (Blakemore). Romeo’s friends force Romeo to sneak into the Capulet’s party to forget about Rosaline giving Romeo rejection. Since Romeo and Juliet were desperate for new love, both fall in love at first…show more content…
They like to sneak out to watch horror movies at night, to snack on fast foods, and to snuggle when it is freezing cold. Both were extremely happy when they dated but all good times eventually ends. Every day they talked to each other on the phone, telling the other to end the call first. In the end, they ended the relationship since both parents found out their secret. Both of them know that they will damage their relationship with their parents for lying, but they do it for the risk of being together. They are Romeo and Juliet since they can never be together ever again unless they want to ruin their relationship with their families more. That’s what normal teenagers do when they are in
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